Precode Hollywood Double Feature (DVD)

Precode Hollywood Double Feature (DVD)

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Two risque feature films from the early 1930s featuring the sizzling Lupe Velez, and Anita Page

HELL HARBOR: A Caribbean island harbor is the exquisite backdrop for treachery and romance as Anita (Lupe Velez), a descendant of the infamous Morgan the Pirate, gets in the middle of a dispute between her father Harry (Gibson Gowland), who has killed a man, and grimy pearl trader Horngold (Jean Hersholt), who witnessed the crime and demands Anita's hand (and more) in marriage in exchange for his silence! TWO VERSIONS: Both contain the pre-code footage •84 mins. Limited release version. Transferred from the only known 35mm nitrate print; quality fair. •64 mins. Subsequent, and widest-release version; trimmed to improve pacing. Transferred from a mint 35mm nitrate print. (Originally released in a 90 min. version of which only the sound track survives) JUNGLE BRIDE: Two women and two men are shipwrecked on an island off the African coast, and take up housekeeping and other forms of dilly-dally in this definite pre-code film. Charles Starrett (pre-Durango Kid) has his way with Anita Page, or is it the other way around?


Cast & Crew

  •       HELL HARBOR: Lupe Velez
  •       Jean Hersholt
  •       John Holland
  •       Gibson Gowland
  •       Harry Allen JUNGLE BRIDE: Anita Page
  •       Charles Starrett
  •       Kenneth Thompson
  •       Eddie Borden
  •       Gertrude Simpson

Director: HELL HARBOR: Henry King JUNGLE BRIDE: Harry O. Hoyt

Director: Albert Kelley

Additional Details

Label: Kit Parker Films

Genre: Drama

Language: English

Run Time: 209 mins

Release Date: 02/01/11

UPC: 089859062124