The Portal (DVD)

The Portal (DVD)

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Dare to jump into a new dimension of fear.

The Portal transports you through a frightening world where ghosts and paranormal creatures reign and nothing is as it seems. When a young woman disappears, the search for her whereabouts leads to a mysterious portal. What lies beyond is an unimaginable nightmare. Dare to jump into a new dimension of fear.


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Cast & Crew

  •       Katie Silverman
  •       Jules Bruff
  •       Stephania Potalivo
  •       Jason Curtis Miller
  •       Jerod Meagher
  •       Meg Saricks
  •       Angela Borrello
  •       Michael Mooney
  •       Brock Powell
  •       Shelley Regner
  •       Anthony Fanelli

Director: Svend Ploug Johansen

Director: Patrick Rea

Director: William Peters

Director: Anthony Fanelli

Director: Pavel Soucoup

Director: Nicky Hawthorne

Producer: Evan Tramel

Additional Details

Label: Ruthless

Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy

Language: English

Run Time: 75 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 04/25/17

UPC: 760137973591