The Point Of Regret: A Killer Unleashed (DVD)

The Point Of Regret: A Killer Unleashed (DVD)

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Thirty years ago William killed three people, a mother, a father and an innocent 3-year-old boy. They were his own family.. The murders captured the whole of England, with many citizens demanding execution. Now out of prison, he's giving Ryan the exclusive on his story, but there's a catch. William is psychologically damaged beyond repair and is now only interested in one thing... killing himself.


Cast & Crew

  •       AJ Nichol
  •       Christopher Hatherall
  •       Lucy Studd
  •       Craig Rogers

Director: Simon Tate

Additional Details

Label: Reality Entertainment

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Run Time: 95 mins

Release Date: 11/13/12

UPC: 886470647552