Pleasure Palace Grindhouse Triple Feature 2-DVD Collection (DVD)

Pleasure Palace Grindhouse Triple Feature 2-DVD Collection (DVD)

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Triple Your Pleasure with a Carter Stevens Triple Feature!

After Hours Cinema is proud to present Volume 3 in its Carter Stevens Grindhouse Director Series showcasing new film transfers of Stevens' '70s classics - approved by director Stevens himself!

By the late 1970s, the name Carter Stevens was recognized by the vast majority of porn patrons as a mark of quality. His was a name associated with all that a porn film should be: fun, fanciful, and free. Those very same marks also constitute the maxims by which Stevens has lived his life. Since his landmark first effort, 1971's The Collegiates, each subsequent film of Stevens was seen as an opportunity to grow as an artist (a designation Stevens modestly denies) and also to fulfill the expectations of his audience. Stevens' late 70s period is seen by most fans as the epoch of his career.

THE LOVE COUCH - A spin on one of porn's classic motifs: the living bed that narrates the film by recounting aloud its illicit memories. It's a tried and true concept that enables the filmmaker to litter the screen with multifarious sexual antics.

DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE - Brooke and Taylor Young - those tasty twins - are back...and looking to recapture the success of Stevens' 1976 film Teenage Twins (financially his most successful film).

PLEASURE PALACE - Writing under the pseudonym 'Al Hazrad' (coyly alluding to the author of the Necronomicon of Lovecraftian mythos), Stevens would pen at that time his dream project: a film not only to satiate Stevens' ambitious desires, but a porn film to break the conventional mold of traditional porn films. A film with action, romance, and, 'gasp,' an actual story! That film was 1979's Pleasure Palace - a film set to reshape the standards of adult films!


Cast & Crew

  •       Jamie Gillis
  •       Brooke and Taylor Young
  •       Serena
  •       Leo Lovemore
  •       Bob Kerman
  •       Bobby Astyr
  •       Rob Everett
  •       Robin Byrd

Director: Carter Stevens

Track Listing

Disc 1:
Disc 2:

Additional Details

Label: After Hours Cinema

Genre: Erotic

Run Time: 240 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 12/06/11

UPC: 612385428296