Pistol 1: Practical Firearms And Shooting Fundamentals (DVD)

Pistol 1: Practical Firearms And Shooting Fundamentals (DVD)

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Practical firearms and marksmanship fundamentals for new or experienced shooters.

This is not another typical training video; it's an instructional training movie that embeds you along four students while they learn about firearms safety and how to improve their pistol shooting skills.

Join the class for:
Introduction and Safety
Equipment and Gear
Shooting Skills Evaluation
Glock Pistol Introduction
Shooting Fundamentals
Air-soft Pistol Range Practice
Pistol Shooting Drills (Live Fire)
Pistol and Equipment Selection
Pistol Carry

A team of Law Enforcement, Firearms, and Security Professionals with over 50 years of experience also joins JD to share their vast knowledge throughout the movie.


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Cast & Crew

  •       JD Williamson
  •       Julio Serra
  •       Terry Bryson
  •       Migda Casas
  •       Jessica Linares
  •       Danica Williamson
  •       Bruce Jacobs
  •       Chris Velez

Director: Jorge Serra

Producer: John Williamson

Producer: Susan Williamson

Additional Details

Label: Myxseal

Genre: Educational

Language: English

Run Time: 105 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 08/08/17

UPC: 888295478618