Phil Guy - My Blues Baby (DVD)

Phil Guy - My Blues Baby (DVD)

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Tough Chicago Blues by a Master

You gotta play it hard.That was Phil Guy's advice to a sideman who wasn't giving hundred percent. Musically raised in front of critical, knowing crowds on Chicago's Southside, 'hard' was the only way Phil knew. And that didn't just mean loud and flashy - although he could do plenty of that - it meant loud or soft, subtle or slamming you give it all you've got - every time.


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Cast & Crew

Director: Paul Reed

Producer: John Stedman

Track Listing

    • Help Me
    • It's Too Late Baby
    • Darlin' I Love You
    • Long Distance Call
    • Money
    • Downhome Blues
    • Killing Floor
    • The Things I Used To Do
    • Steppin' In
    • Garbage Man Blues
    • Phil Guy Interview 1999

    Additional Details

    Label: JSP Records

    Genre: Blues

    Release Date: 11/04/16

    UPC: 788065581022