Pennsylvania Hardcore (DVD)

Pennsylvania Hardcore (DVD)

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Documenting a 30 Year History

Pennsylvania Hardcore is a documentary covering a 30- year History of the underground hardcore bands from Pennsylvania. 200 interviews were done in making this film. The ones telling the story are the ones that wrote it. Many pictures and videos are used to show how strong PA hardcore history really is. Featured artists include: Wisdom In Chains, Lamb Of God, Turmoil, Brothers Keeper,Cold World, Strength For A Reason, All Else Failed, Bad Luck 13, Starkweather, Dysphoria, Ruin, McRad, The Stick Men, Pagan Babies, Artistic Behavior, Plus Many Many More


Cast & Crew

  •       Wisdom In Chains
  •       Lamb Of God
  •       Turmoil
  •       Brothers Keeper
  •       Cold World
  •       Strength For A Reason
  •       All Else Failed
  •       Bad Luck 13
  •       Starkweather
  •       Dysphoria
  •       Ruin
  •       McRad
  •       The Stick Men
  •       Pagan Babies
  •       Artistic Behavior

Director: Loren W. Lepre

Producer: Loren W. Lepre

Additional Details

Label: Average Superstar Films

Genre: Alternative/Punk

Run Time: 85 mins

Release Date: 09/30/14

UPC: 888295113830