Old Time Comedy Classics Volume 7 (DVD)

Old Time Comedy Classics Volume 7 (DVD)

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Get Ready To Sit Back And LAUGH At The Greatest Comedy Films Of All Time!

A tremendous collection of some of the funniest movies ever produced! Now a whole new generation will be able to rediscover the appeal of these two-reel silent masterpieces. These delightful comedies date as far back as 1925 and have been unseen in decades. These little comedic gems have been lovingly restored and are offered on DVD for the very first time! ARE GOLFERS CUCKOO? (1926) - Former circus and vaudeville performer Charles Dorety appears opposite Gene 'Fatty' Layman in this rare 1926comedy. Here the boys get jobs as caddies at the exclusive Biltmore Golf Club causing all sorts of havoc. FOOLING CASPER (1928) - Thelma Hill and Bud Duncan are featured in this 1928 F.B.O. comedy two-reeler. This short and several others were an attempt to bring Jimmy Murphy's popular comic strip Toots and Casper to the silver screen. Cullen Johnson appears as their boy Buttercup. MINE YOUR BUSINESS! (1925) - Fred Parker stars as Rastus, a man who couldn't shine as a movie star so she shined as a boot-black. Parker made 142 films but was uncredited in most. This was his first film and is most unusual in that even though Parker was white he is seen here playing a black cowboy. The film was also released as 'A Chocolate Cowboy.' FIGURES DO LIE -Violet Palmer and Jack Cooper star as Etta and Hamond Egg. Hamond Egg, a well-known man about town gets a job as a judge at a local bathing beauty contest, but Etta who has been reading a book on how to become a female detective quickly catches on. She dons a disguise and takes part in the contest herself. This delightful comedy from Bray Studios also features Frank 'Fatty' Alexander, an obese comedian who would later star with two other heavyweights, Hillard 'Fat' Kerr and 'Kewpie' Ross in F.B.O.'s low-budget 'Ton of Fun' series towards the end of the silent era.


Cast & Crew

  •       Charles Dorety
  •       Gene “Fattyâ€? Layman
  •       Thelma Hill
  •       Bud Duncan
  •       Cullen Johnson
  •       Fred Parker
  •       Teddy Reavis
  •       George Gyton
  •       Violet Palmer
  •       Jack Cooper
  •       Frank Alexander

Producer: Various

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Comedy

Run Time: 90 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 09/23/08

UPC: 029502450076