Old Time Comedy Classics (DVD)

Old Time Comedy Classics (DVD)

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Five classic short subjects from the silent era!

A tremendous collection of some of the funniest movies ever produced! Now a whole new generation are able to rediscover the appeal of these two-reel silent masterpieces. These delightful comedies date as far back as 1916 and have been unseen in decades. These little comedic gems have been lovingly restored and are offered on DVD for the very first time! INJUN TROUBLE (1926)
Raymond Griffith (January 23, 1895 - November 25, 1957) was one of the great silent movie comedians. The best known of his films today is Hands Up!, a 1926 Civil War comedy feature directed by Clarence G. Badger, and co-starring Mack Swain, which was entered into the National Film Registry in 2005. This is a very rare two-reel version of that film. PLEASE EXCUSE ME (1926) - This 1926 entry was the third episode of the Excuse Maker two reel comedy series featuring Charles King and Constance Darling. In films since childhood, Charles King played a variety of roles in silent films but it was as a western villain in the 1930s and 1940s that King would achieve his greatest fame. THE TIN HOSS (1925) - This 1925 film was produced as a 'Hey Fellas!' comedy, which was basically a copy of Hal Roach's Our Gang series. The storyline involves a home-made railway running on lines made from a stolen fence and driven by a Joe Cobb imitator. DAILY DOZENS (1926) - The 'Joybell Players' consisting of Jack Cooper, Ethelyn Gibson and Jack Richardson star in this very funny comedy from writer/director Robert Tansey. Producer Billy West was himself a silent film comedian, and was the best-known and most successful Charlie Chaplin imitator. BOMBS AND BRIDES (1916) - Charles Murray, Mary Thurman, Louise Fazenda, Wayland Trask and Harry Booker star in this comedy produced by Mack Sennett for the Keystone Film Comedy.


Cast & Crew

  •       Raymond Griffith
  •       Charles King
  •       Constance Darling
  •       Hey Fellas!
  •       Jack Cooper
  •       Charles Murray
  •       Louise Fazenda

Producer: Various

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Comedy

Run Time: 119 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 04/01/08

UPC: 029502450014