Oklahoma Annie (DVD-R)

Oklahoma Annie (DVD-R)

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A raucous musical comedy starring Republic's rambunctious box-office queen Judy Canova will be sure to delight all her fans and classic movie lovers alike. In this Trucolor western Judy plays a backwoods shopkeeper who falls in love with the town's sheriff (John Russell). When she performs an act of courage, she not only earns herself a deputy's badge but also the right to stick close to her handsome lawman. Soon the two of them are working to rid the community of corrupt politicians and a local gambling den full of bad guys. In a unique turn on the normal male dominated theme, Judy rallies the town's womenfolk to come to the rescue of the sheriff.


Cast & Crew

  •       Judy Canova
  •       John Russell
  •       Grant Withers
  •       Roy Barcroft
  •       Emmett Lynn
  •       Frank Ferguson
  •       Minerva Urecal
  •       Houseley Stevenson
  •       Almira Sessions
  •       Allen Jenkins
  •       Maxine Gates
  •       Emory Parnell
  •       Denver Pyle
  •       House Peters, Jr.
  •       Andrew Tombs

Director: R.G. Springsteen

Additional Details

Label: VCI Entertainment

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Run Time: 90 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 10/11/22

UPC: 089859720321