Near Extinction (DVD)

Near Extinction (DVD)

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Find it before they find you.

From the creator of NBC' hit series 'The Event,' comes a post-apocalyptic creature thriller in which mankind is nearly extinct. Humans engineered an ice age to eradicate a plague that was killing them off. The ice age turned out to be just as deadly. A rag-tag group of survivors led by Vargas (Eric Szmanda) are on a quest for the safe haven known as 'Shangri-La,' where their species has supposedly started rebooting civilization. They face many dangers on their quest including the frigid cold, a mutant cult and a pack of mysterious creatures known as Green Eyes.


Bonus Materials

  • Featurette: A Look Behind The Scene (16:00)
  • Official Trailer
  • Teaser


Cast & Crew

  •       Eric Szmanda
  •       Sara Malakul Lane
  •       Ewan Chung
  •       Patrick Batiste
  •       Rocky Bonifield
  •       Mykayla Sohn
  •       Darin Cooper
  •       Mercy Malick
  •       Ken Narasaki

Director: Nick Wauters

Producer: Cathy Gesualdo

Additional Details

Label: Infuse Releasing

Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy

Language: English

Run Time: 81:00 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 05/28/19

UPC: 760137199793