Mischief Makers (DVD)

Mischief Makers (DVD)

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Featuring the craziest gang of little rascals ever! These lovable scallawags will charm their way into your heart!

In the early 1960s an enterprising television distributor bought the rights to classic original Our Gang comedies and other 'kid' series from the silent era. The films were given new musical soundtracks complete with sound effects and distributed in syndication under the new title 'The Mischief Makers.' This DVD features six of these charming films which are just as funny and enjoyable to watch today as when they were first screened in cinemas over eight decades ago! THE BIG FIRE - After successfully putting out a small house fire the gang are made honorary firemen. They build their own firehouse but then a real fire starts in town. Derived from The Fourth Alarm originally released on September 12, 1926. SWEET REVENGE - Derived from Tired Business Men originally released on May 15, 1927. RIDE 'EM COWBOY - Derived from War Feathers originally released on November 21, 1926. MARY'S DREAM - Ignored by her rich parents, Mary finds pleasure in playing with her dolls. One day she has a nap and upon awakening four young boys come to her house delivering laundry. They look strikingly like her dolls and Mary believes her toys have come to life. Little does she realize the boys had posed for the doll maker. Derived from Mary, Queen Of Tots originally released on August 23, 1925. FOOTBALL RIVALS - Derived from Mickey's Eleven originally released on November 7, 1927. AN AVERAGE DAY - A Mischief Makers hybrid piece derived from Love My Dog originally released on April 17, 1927, Ten Years Old originally released on March 13, 1927 and Playin' Hookey originally released on January 1, 1928.


Cast & Crew

  •       Mickey Rooney
  •       Joe Cobb
  •       Mary Kornman
  •       Pete The Pup

Director: Robert A. McGowan

Producer: Hal Roach

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Comedy

Run Time: 82 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/18/13

UPC: 029502765019