Midnight Blue Vol. 4: Freaks & Geeks (DVD)

Midnight Blue Vol. 4: Freaks & Geeks (DVD)

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Smutty, Sleazy, And Scandalous - And Those Are Just Its Good Points!

MIDNIGHT BLUE shocked and fascinated viewers with its searing political commentary, candid celebrity interviews, and graphic sexuality featuring some of the biggest names in pornography. However, it also featured the freakiest freaks, gruesomest geeks and sleaziest sexual deviants ever seen on late-night cable:• Spermathon – Ambitious girl-next-door Tara Alexander takes on 83 eager men in one night to establish the first gangbang world record at the infamous Plato’s Retreat.• The Cat House for Dogs – Where else can your pooch purchase the pedigreed prostitute of his choice? Handlers will be available to help first-timer mutts.• Swing Clubs – See the swap and how they make it at the Midnight Interlude sex club, where swinging singles can meet like-minded individuals and have thoughtful conversations over a nice fireside orgy.• Sadists and Masochists, Subs and Doms – Get strung up by your nipple piercings in the dark dungeons of the Inner Circle Club, or just spend a quiet evening at home with a brutal dominatrix and her slobbering slaves.• The Full Monty – In the most shocking sight of all, Ron Jeremy joins Al Goldstein as he leads an all-male, all-nude revue at the Screw Magazine 30th Anniversary party! …plus a guide to sex positions for every day of the year, a XXX-rated Christmas pageant, a well-endowed contortionist, erotic body piercing and terrifying tattoos, and more nudists and transsexuals than you can shake a stick at, as well as vintage ads for sex clubs, escort services, and brazen video personal ads from lonely viewers looking for love!

Bonus Materials

  • 'Filthy Facts' Freaky Factoids


Cast & Crew

  •       Ron Jeremy
  •       Annie Sprinkle
  •       Sharon Mitchell
  •       Mistress Roseanne
  •       Al Goldstein

Director: N/A

Producer: Al Goldstein

Additional Details

Label: Blue Underground

Genre: Television

Run Time: 120 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/27/06

UPC: 827058500494