Mask The Kekko: Reborn (Blu-ray)

Mask The Kekko: Reborn (Blu-ray)

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Manga hero Kekko-Kamen appears in her iconic red mask and boots, and nothing else, to battle the evil headmaster of the nation's top prep school!

Sparta Academy is the nation's top prep school, but behind closed doors it's an institution of terror where the headmaster, Satan's Toenails, has his teachers exact all kinds of punishment and frightening torture of his design upon the students with failing grades. Manga hero Kekko-Kamen appears, in her iconic red mask and boots (and nothing else!), to battle the sadistic teachers and confront the evil headmaster once and for all! Popular actress Aino Kishi takes on the titular role in this chapter of the Kekko Kamen series - Reborn! Based on the popular Manga 'Kekko Kamen' by Go Nagai


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Cast & Crew

  •       Aino Kishi
  •       Rei toda
  •       Takanori Suzuka
  •       Aoki Yoshifumi
  •       Keigo Kasuya
  •       Misako Shimizu
  •       Gorigo AkaGiyama

Director: Nozomu Kasaki

Additional Details

Label: Dark Side Releasing

Genre: Erotic

Language: Japanese

Run Time: 63 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 03/08/22

UPC: 760137851288