Marieke Schroeder - Schiller und Die Musik (DVD)

Marieke Schroeder - Schiller und Die Musik (DVD)

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Everybody knows Schiller, everybody can Schiller, Schiller moves everybody, Schiller is performed, Schiller is sung. Numerous operas are based on his dramas, not to mention the countless poems, which were set to music by Schubert. Beethoven’s 9th ends with the famous Ode to Joy, often set to music already during Schiller’s lifetime. The film follows Schiller’s footsteps through the Weimar of today, visits Schiller’s places of work and lets connoisseurs such as musicologist Peter Gülke or opera director Joachim Herz have their say.


Cast & Crew

Director: Marieke Schroeder

Additional Details

Label: Arthaus Musik

Genre: Documentary

Run Time: 76 mins

Release Date: 01/01/09

UPC: 807280184495