Love Is Thicker Than Water (DVD)

Love Is Thicker Than Water (DVD)

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They met the person of their dreams. Then they met their families

Arthur (Johnny Flynn) is the son of poor steel workers from a little village in Wales, and Vida (Lydia Wilson) the daughter of a well-to-do Jewish doctor in London. Arthur and Vida start to cohabit and their love is as passionate as it is sincere. During their attempt to bring their parents together, Arthur and Vida stage a (fake) engagement party. It is just short of a total disaster. The games they play are not appreciated. And involuntarily the social difference even creeps between the sheets of Arthur and Vida. Tragically, each of them unexpectedly loses a parent and both families meet a month after the funerals at the memorial which Vida's father graciously offered to share with Arthur's family. It's the first time the families interact -albeit the women with the women and the men with the men. Secrets emerge, not always voluntarily. Arthur's half brother rejoined the army where he left several years ago because of rape charges. Vida's father is full of guilt towards the death of his wife, as he closed his eyes for her philandering. Vida's psychiatrist brother, now graduated, has broken off the engagement and came out of the closet as gay. Her youngest sister has enlisted in the Israeli army and now flies a fighter jet. Arthur's oldest sister still suffers from her husband's drinking problem and still she accepts him the way he is and loves him for better and for worse. She started drinking again herself, it saved the marriage. But where do Arthur and Vida stand? Their backgrounds are so immensely different, including many of their moral values, but the chemistry is still there. They re-arrange their vows, not during any (fake) party or public celebration, just the two of them alone on their rooftop. They won't give up. They have a shot at happiness if Arthur can still surprise Vida, and she can continue to make him laugh. No longer are they a match made in heaven, but if they make an effort they can be a match surviving on earth.


Bonus Materials

  • Exclusive Director's Commentary, Storyboards with Commentary, Teaser foorage, Slide show


Cast & Crew

  •       Lydia Wilson
  •       Johnny Flynn
  •       Juliet Stevenson
  •       Henry Goodman
  •       Ellie Kendrick

Director: Ate De Jong

Director: Emily Harris

Producer: Ate De Jong

Additional Details

Label: Cleopatra Entertainment

Genre: Drama

Language: English

Run Time: 101 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 12/12/17

UPC: 760137045595