Lou Reed - Tribute (DVD)

Lou Reed - Tribute (DVD)

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Triple DVD set covering Lou Reed and his music, featuring 3 separate films which, one and all, pay tribute to the man.

The tragic news that one of the true legends of rock music passed away recently was as sad as it was shocking. This genius maverick not only co-founded The Velvet Underground - the band Lester Bangs inarguably claimed were the start of all new music - but he too composed the lion's share of their near perfect catalogue. The fact he then went on to establish a solo career that was as dynamic, controversial and genuinely enthralling as that of any 1970s performer - a category in which his old muckers David Bowie and Iggy Pop are most certainly included - clearly illustrates what a rare talent this man possessed. This 3 DVD set covering in depth the man and his music as it features three separate films which, one and all, pay tribute to New York's favourite son. Featuring: THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - UNDER REVIEW This 75-minute film reviews the music and career of arguably rock music's most influential collective. PUNK REVOLUTION NYC; THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE NY DOLLS & THE CBGBs SET Tracing the entire history of New York's punk scene, this film shows how VU were near instrumental in shaping one of this unique city's most celebrated musical genres. THE SACRED TRIANGLE - BOWIE, IGGY & LOU - 1971 - 1973 Telling the story of how these three musical pioneers interwove at the beginning of each of their solo careers, forming an association which made for, probably, the finest music to emerge in the early 1970s.

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Label: Chrome Dreams

Genre: Pop/Rock

Language: English

Run Time: 279 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 02/11/14

UPC: 823564536590