Llama Unleashes The Alpacalypse (DVD)

Llama Unleashes The Alpacalypse (DVD)

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In this hilarious follow-up, Llama gets another shot at saving the world.

Llama's back and ready to destroy the world AGAIN...this time with his best camelid, Alpaca!

Llama loves cooking...and baking...and, above all, eating. For breakfast, Llama makes one epic spread...as well as a big mess.

But Llama hates cleaning. So by lunch, Llama has cooked up something really devious--an idea--and by second lunch, Llama has cloned his most fastidious friend, Alpaca, to clean his house. And Llama doesn't stop at just one clone.

By dinner, the alpaca clones threaten to tidy the world into utter destruction--THE ALPACALYPSE* IS HERE!
Will Llama be able to fix it all before dessert?



Cast & Crew

  •       Bronson Pinchot

Director: Andy T. Jones

Producer: Andy T. Jones

Additional Details


Genre: Kids MOVIE

Language: English

Run Time: 12 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 05/09/23

UPC: 9781690599319