Liars, Fires And Bears (DVD)

Liars, Fires And Bears (DVD)

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A Large Flame Follows A Little Spark

Eve, A 9-year-old hardened by time as a neglected foster child, is accustomed to taking life seriously. So, when she meets Dave, a drunk thirty something who forgot to grow up, she sees an opportunity. Liars, Fires and Bears finds these two on an unlikely cross-country road trip after young Eve Hatches a plan to reunite with her absent brother, and laid-back Dave suddenly finds himself on the run from both the cops and the robbers. With a precocious tot behind the wheel and an immature man-child navigating, Eve and Dave may find that the quickest route to their destination is through each other.


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Bonus Materials

  • Trailer
  • Behind the scenes


Cast & Crew

  •       Megli Micek
  •       Lundon Boyd
  •       Luke Jones
  •       Melody Melendez

Director: Jeremy Cloe

Producer: Constanza Castro

Additional Details

Label: Brink

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Run Time: 99 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 03/24/15

UPC: 187830002067