Larry Garner - Born To Sang the Blues (DVD)

Larry Garner - Born To Sang the Blues (DVD)

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Great Performer, Great Blues, Great Night

Larry Garner is probably the greatest Blues artist of his generation - a superb songwriter and lyricist, a stylish guitarist and a distinctive singer with an amazing ability to blend the deep roots of Louisiana blues with just enough contemporary edge and feel to be contemporary. This set, professionally filmed and edited in the 1990s by Paul Reed and the Blues Archive team is a historical artefact - Larry's live performances are not well enough documented. Historical sure, but it's also entertaining and the deepest blues you could ever hope to see. I continue to wonder why he isn't yet a star...or a household name - at least in hip households... Extract from John Stedman's sleeve note


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Cast & Crew

Director: Paul Reed

Producer: John Stedman

Additional Details

Label: JSP Records

Genre: Blues

Release Date: 05/27/14

UPC: 788065580322