La Vie de Jean-Marie (DVD)

La Vie de Jean-Marie (DVD)

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Poetic verité documentary about a pastor in the French Pyrenees, who lives a dutiful life of unprecedented sincerity…

La Vie de Jean-Marie is a brilliant, bold documentary shot in the style of cinéma vérité. For six years, filmmaker Peter van Houten filmed his protagonist, Jean-Marie, to arrive at a feel-good portrait of a sprightly 75-year-old priest who tends to 20+ villages in the idyllic French Pyrenees. Jean-Marie candidly shares his life-story–– from the woes of rejected love in his youth to becoming a man of the cloth, all the way to the emergence of his spiritual love for his neighbor. With simplicity, humour and openness, Jean-Marie (and the camera that captures him) offers compelling insight into a life of commitment and love.


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Cast & Crew

  •       Jean-Marie Raaijmakers
  •       Marie-Claire Battle
  •       Chantal

Director: Peter Van Houten

Producer: Peter Van Houten

Additional Details

Label: IndiePix Films

Genre: Documentary

Language: Flemish

Run Time: 166 mins

Release Date: 01/01/16

UPC: 845637002542