La Boda (The Wedding) (DVD)

La Boda (The Wedding) (DVD)

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Luciano's Wedding Promises To Be A Killer Event!

Luciano, twice her age, wants desperately to marry Iluminades, one of the village's beautiful young available daughters. They call him the 'Black Man' - the 'Outsider' and most of the town does not want the wedding to take place.

A very rich man, Luciano, made his money as a black slave trader but still manages to win over Iluminades' mother and father and some of the village's people with his money.

Pasqualon and his comrades are so angry that they contact Pasqualon's brother, Pepe and Iluminades' ex-boyfriend to try and stop the wedding. Although the ceremony perseveres, the posse will stop at nothing to see that the marriage is terminated.

The steadfast allegiance attitude of the compadres spirals to a tragic twisted ending.


Cast & Crew

  •       José Suárez
  •       Graciela Borges
  •       Susana Campos
  •       José Guardiola

Director: Lucas Demare

Producer: Jesus Garcia Gargoles

Additional Details

Label: Jef Films

Genre: Foreign Film

Run Time: 89 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 02/19/13

UPC: 029502260309