Kung Fu Monkey (DVD)

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A chimp off the old block!

When a evil monster known as Nian rises in the heart of China, the only hope is a chosen boy named Polaris who must train to fight the incredible beast. As Polaris searches for a teacher capable of helping him win the fight, he stumbles upon a master Kung-fu Monkey. But it will take everything Polaris has to prove himself and learn his master's most guarded secrets. As the chosen boy's powers grow, he will need all of his strength to stop the evil powers mounting against him. One thing is certain, when the Kung Fu Monkey swings your way, you better be ready!


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Cast & Crew

  •       Ben Bostick
  •       Brian Bullock
  •       Kara Mackey

Director: Chi Tian

Producer: Leon Ding

Additional Details

Label: WowNow

Genre: Animation (not Anime/Manga)

Language: English

Run Time: 98 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 09/17/19

UPC: 760137268192