Kid's Planet Season One: Volume Five (DVD)

Kid's Planet Season One: Volume Five (DVD)

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This fun edu-tainment series for kids reinforces morals and manners that will last a lifetime!

'Have you ever wondered why so many people love music? Or how you can make your family trips go a little smoother? This bundle of Kid's Planet is going to address those questions as well as some other interesting and important topics! This bundle contains Volume Five of Season One, episodes 22-26.

Episode 22: What does it mean to be nice? Why is it important to be helpful? In this episode, we'll answer those questions and more as we focus on prudence, discretion, and being generous.

Episode 23: Let's explore the difference between good and bad, consequences, and how much we can change the world around us through generosity, honesty, respect, integrity, and goodness.

Episode 24: Hope and faith are important parts of life. In this episode, we discover that hope is a value that allows us to believe that something positive will happen and that faith is related to culture.

Episode 25: Did you know that some people express themselves through music? In this episode, we'll take a look at all of the different types of music and how people everywhere listen, make, and love music.

Episode 26: In this episode, Nova will take the viewers on a field trip through the different methods of travel. Tips and hints will be given for packing and making the process smoother so that you and the family can focus on fun!'



Cast & Crew

  •       Cainwyn

Director: Carla Duarte

Producer: Miguel Somoza

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Genre: Animation (not Anime/Manga)

Language: English

Run Time: 114 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 10/11/22

UPC: 810071441349