Jonas Nydesjo - The Feeling of Going (DVD)

Jonas Nydesjo - The Feeling of Going (DVD)

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A large-scale, visually stunning theatre production choreographed by Ben Wright

A JOURNEY INTO AN EXTRAORDINARY DREAM WORLD WHERE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEDrift into a fantastical forest full of life and unexpected encounters. Like all good tales the feeling of going encompasses both the darkness and the light in playful co-existence. A spectacular performance by choreographer Ben Wright that invite you to go beyond what’s known or anticipated. With the music from the album GO by the Icelandic pop legend Jónsi (Sigur Rós), sung by the Swedish soloist Moto Boy, this Pop-Opera-Dance-Theatre-Hybrid became something unique searching for it’s equal. It’s magnificent – and impossible not to love.” (Sydsvenskan)... surreal, fabulous and dreamlike.” (Landets Fria)Ben Wright on the feeling of going: For me, GO is a sensual mix of songs that measure the depth of a private internal landscape – a remote and secret place. There is a profound sense of innocence and wonder at the core of his material combined with a very ‘adult’ theme of separation and absence, it’s undeniably ‘upbeat’ but never scrimps on matters of the heart.”


Cast & Crew

Director: Jonas Nydesjo

Additional Details

Label: Arthaus Musik

Genre: Ballet

Run Time: 90 mins

Release Date: 03/15/19

UPC: 4058407093466