John Holmes: The Biggest And The Best 4-film Collection (DVD)

John Holmes: The Biggest And The Best 4-film Collection (DVD)

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Every Cock Tells a Story

Time to 'fess up: After Hours Cinema might not be endowed with the biggest, but we sure do have the best...and we're putting that best on display with our newest John Holmes collection, John Holmes: The Biggest and the Best - four mighty, meaty grindhouse sizzlers where fearless and feckless females try John on!

Big John's Sex Stories - Every cock tells a story, and when one's as big as John Holmes', it's a never-ending story!

Lady's Bed Companions - This lady's a tramp, and she's got the bed and the bedmates to prove it. Unfortunately, her king-sized bed and queen-sized cooze just aren't big enough to accommodate John's massive scepter.

My Tongue is Quick - Sure, sweetheart, your tongue might be quick, but it'll still take you an hour and a ½ to work your way up Big John's endless shaft.

Strangers When We Mate - They say never talk to strangers. But what about balling the hell out of them? Be that as it may, watch John Holmes quickly make the acquaintance of some eager pussy that ain't no stranger to raunchy and impersonal sex.

- After Hours Cinema 'Grind It' Play Function that Allows Uninterrupted Grindhouse-style Viewing of Feature Films and Trailers!
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  •       John Holmes
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    Label: After Hours Cinema

    Genre: Erotic

    Language: English

    Run Time: 120 mins

    Region: 0

    Release Date: 10/21/14

    UPC: 612385430299