Jerry Warren Collection Vol. 3 (DVD)

Jerry Warren Collection Vol. 3 (DVD)

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Two B-movie imports from schlockmeister Jerry Warren

THE VIOLENT AND THE DAMNED: When chain gang prisoners attack their guards, some of the hardened criminals escape Brazil's infamous Anchieta prison amidst all the pick-ax carnage. The government dispatches a machine-gun squad to round up the fugitives, who have fled by foot and boat and now have begun to turn on each other. It's dog-eat-dog in an equatorial jungle hell filmed in panama. NO TIME TO KILL: After eight years in prison on a trumped up charge a man plans to kill the elusive man who framed him. He knew but one desperate code - vengeance and reprisal...with a fever of hatred uncontrolled after spending eight years in prison on a trumped up charge.


Cast & Crew

  •       The Violent and The Damned: Arturo De Córdova
  •       Tônia Carrero
  •       Jackson De Souza | No Time To Kill: John Ireland
  •       Ellen Schwiers
  •       Brigitta Andersson

Director: The Violent and The Damned: Carlos Hugo Christensen | No Time To Kill: Tom Younger

Producer: Jerry Warren

Additional Details

Label: Kit Parker Films

Genre: Action/Adventure

Run Time: 118 mins

Release Date: 04/28/15

UPC: 089859065125