Iron Maiden - Triumvirate (DVD)

Iron Maiden - Triumvirate (DVD)

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Maiden Uncovered Across 3 DVDs

Almost 40 years in existence - indeed it was on Christmas Day 1975 that Steve Harris first put his group together (albeit a short lived version thereof) - and at least 35 since they signed to long term label EMI, Iron Maiden have sold almost 100 Million Albums across their history and remain the world's most successful, and arguable most important, heavy metal band of all time. In fact had there been no Maiden, there would likely be no Metallica, no Thrash Metal and certainly never have been any kind of 'New Wave of British Heavy Metal', which an early line-up spearheaded in the late 1970s. The group's legacy is enshrined in virtually every rock group who have emerged since.

This three DVD boxed set celebrates the quite incredible story of Iron Maiden as it recalls and reviews the band's entire career via a number of different angles, Featuring a plethora of interviews with the guys themselves, a great selection of live and studio footage and a huge array of contributions from those who have worked alongside the band or indeed know or have known them well.

In completion, this set contains the finest programs available that document and review the career, music and life of the group still considered by many to be the finest British band ever.

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Label: The Collector's Forum

Genre: Metal

Language: English

Run Time: 338 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 01/15/16

UPC: 823564543796