Idleheist (DVD/CD)

Idleheist (DVD/CD)

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Four guys, two drawers full of cash, one stupid plan... just relax.

The story of four rookie crooks in a convenience store robbery gone bad. Set in a sleepy Northern Arizona mountain town, this campy, film noir never lets up, as we travel with a pack of collegiate armed robbers who think they have it all 'under control'. To the driving beat of an original soundtrack by the likes of Porktorta and Ozlo, everything starts to unravel, leaving only the distorted, paranoid, blood filled reality of the situation. A well armed cop with an eagle eye chases our amateur hoodlums down the mountain, killing one of them and wounding others.

Survivors at the bottom of the mountain, Alex and Jake, are left to figure out how to make off with the loot. Can they trust the sultry woman they have arranged to hook up with at the trailer park? Will Mexico mean freedom? Our crew won't be relaxing any time soon. There is no such thing as an 'Idleheist.'

Bonus Materials

  • 'Behind Oscar'- Dream sequence shoot
  • 'Sounds Of The Desert'- Designing the soundtrack
  • Director's Commentary
  • Trailer


Cast & Crew

  •       GREG STUETZE


Track Listing

    • 'Take Me Away' Music by Jay Verkamp & Lyrics by OZLO
    • 'Idlesploitation' by Sunday Afternoon
    • 'IDLEHEIST' by The Molehill Orkestrah
    • 'La Negra' by Mariachi Juvenil Batiz
    • 'Save Your Breath' by Jesse Stanley
    • 'Idle Melee' by Tom Walbank & Jay Verkamp
    • 'Going Nowhere In A Hurry' by Doug Hancock
    • 'Swami' by Pork Torta
    • 'Game Of Love' by Al Foul
    • 'Idols' by Claudio Carvan

    Additional Details

    Label: Brink

    Genre: Cult

    Run Time: 62 mins

    Release Date: 12/09/08

    UPC: 187830008007