I Don't Want To Be Born (DVD)

I Don't Want To Be Born (DVD)

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Conceived by the Devil, only she knows what her baby really is! Jessica, a happily married mother of two normal children finds her third pregnancy developing abnormally and herself becomes the victim of demonic possession.


Cast & Crew

  •       Joan Collins
  •       Eileen Atkins
  •       Ralph Bates
  •       Donald Pleasance
  •       Caroline Munro
  •       Hilary Mason
  •       John Steiner
  •       Janet Key
  •       George Clayden
  •       Derek Benfield
  •       Stanley Lebor
  •       Judy Buxton
  •       Andrew Secombe
  •       Susan Richards
  •       John Moore

Director: Sasdy

Director: Peter

Producer: Corney

Producer: Norma

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Horror

Run Time: 90 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 12/18/07

UPC: 029502954956