House Of War (DVD)

House Of War (DVD)

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4 Days of Terror In Mumbai. Based on one of the most horrific terrorist attacks since 9/11 .

Based on true events often compared to 9/11 attack in US. On November 26, 2008, an extremist terrorist group from Pakistan carried out an aggressive series of coordinated shootings and bombings all across Mumbai, India. The iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel was the key target and under siege for 4 horrific days. With government forces unable to regain control, the gunmen roamed freely and killed indiscriminately. For 96 hours, the guests must survive as the terrorists seek to drive them from hiding. This is a story of compassion, survival and heroes.


Bonus Materials

  • Bonus Material: (1) Behind The Scene 0:02:53; (2) What Is House of War; (3) Movie Trailer 0:02:11


Cast & Crew

  •       Joseph Mahler Taylor
  •       SukhRaj Deepak
  •       Mihika Rao
  •       Kabir Singh
  •       Kieran Kumar
  •       Nathan Kaye
  •       Martelle Hammer
  •       Reilly O'Byrne-Inglis
  •       Igor Kreyman
  •       Joseph J.U. Taylor
  •       Quentin Yung
  •       Jan Langford-Penny
  •       Nicole Fantl
  •       Philip R.K. John
  •       Nicolas Scot Francois
  •       Rh

Director: Lliam Worthington

Producer: Joel Hagen

Producer: Maren Smith

Producer: Lliam Worthington

Additional Details

Label: Infuse Releasing

Genre: Action/Adventure

Language: English

Run Time: 132:40 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 12/18/18

UPC: 760137186397