House of Evil (DVD)

House of Evil (DVD)

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Based on true events, House Of Evil follows a young couple in the 1970s who move into a large, remote house in the countryside with the hopes of starting a family. However, behind this picture-perfect façade there may be something sinister lurking. Soon the happy couple find themselves menaced by ghosts and a darker demonic presence. Can the suspicious local priest give them answers or will their dream turn into a nightmare they can't escape?


Cast & Crew

  •       Andrew Harwood Mills; Lucy Drive; Désirée Giorgetti

Director: Luca Boni

Director: Marco Ristori

Producer: Luca Boni; Marco Ristori

Additional Details

Label: Breaking Glass Pictures

Genre: Horror

Run Time: 86 mins

Release Date: 05/08/18

UPC: 855184007297