Hammer Film Noir Double Feature Vol 3 (DVD)

Hammer Film Noir Double Feature Vol 3 (DVD)

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The game he played was deadly -- He wrote...she seduced...he murdered for her

GAMBLER AND THE LADY: A gambling kingpin's goal is to be accepted by high society. He leaves his girlfriend for a socialite, is swindled in a scam, strong-armed by gangsters, and end up as a hood ornament on his jilted lovers sedan!

HEAT WAVE: An author is ensnared by a socialite with murderous plans for her ailing husband. When hubby is accidentally knocked unconscious during a fishing trip, and sexy Brooke begs Nicol to drop him in the drink, the temptation proves too strong.

Bonus Materials

  • The World of Hammer Noir by Richard M. Roberts
  • Trailers
  • Photo Gallery


Cast & Crew

  •       GAMBLER AND THE LADY: Dane Clark
  •       Naomi Chance
  •       Meredith Edwards HEAT WAVE: Alex Nicol
  •       Hillary Brooke
  •       Susan Stephen
  •       Sid James

Director: GAMBLER AND THE LADY: Patrick Jenkins HEAT WAVE: Sam Newfield

Additional Details

Label: Kit Parker Films

Genre: Drama

Language: English

Run Time: 140 mins

Release Date: 08/29/06

UPC: 089859055324