Goblin - Austinato (DVD)

Goblin - Austinato (DVD)

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Goblin recorded live in Austin, TX in 2014 and featuring their most popular material. On DVD.

DVD VERSION. Goblin recorded live in Austin, Texas, on April 29, 2014, during the third North American Tour. The line-up consists of Massimo Morante, Maurizio Guarini, Fabio Pignatelli and Agostino Marangolo, joined by Steve Moore. Guests include rock duo Zombi. Austinato was shot from multiple camera angles within the intimate setting of the Mohawk venue in downtown Austin.

In 2013/2014 Goblin toured North America for the first time in their 40 plus year career, performing live the soundtracks the band was renown for, including themes fromProfondo Rosso (Deep Red), Suspiria, Dawn of the Dead, Tenebre, and Non ho Sonno (Sleepless), as well as tunes from non-soundtrack original material recorded over the years, beginning with the album Roller(1976) and up to the most recent production.

For more than four decades iconic Italian progressive rock band Goblin have become internationally known for paving a timeless path of classic musical compositions for horror film iconDARIO ARGENTO.

Track Listing

    • Magic Thriller Intro
    • Magic Thriller
    • Mad Puppet
    • Dr. Frankestein
    • Roller
    • E Suono Rock
    • Aquaman
    • Non Ho Sonno
    • Death Farm
    • Goblin
    • L'Alba Dei Morti Viventi
    • Zombi
    • Tenebre
    • Suspiria
    • School At Night
    • Profondo Rosso
    • Zaratozom

    Additional Details

    Label: Back to the Fudda

    Genre: Progressive Rock

    Run Time: 98 mins

    Release Date: 08/06/21

    UPC: 661799808552