Girl From Tobacco Row (DVD)

Girl From Tobacco Row (DVD)

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An escaped convict heads for the hills of a rural tobacco-growing town. He hooks up with a friendly preacher, his impressionable son, and his two nubile young daughters: the good girl, Rita, and her wilder sister Nadine. This movie from the husband and wife producer-director-writer-editor-distributor team of Ron and June Ormond was a mainstay at drive-in theaters throughout the South. It was frequently double-billed with 'White Lightnin' Road,' another Ron and June Ormond production.


Cast & Crew

  •       Tex Ritter
  •       Rachel Roman
  •       Earl ‘Snake’ Richards
  •       Tim Ormond
  •       Rita Faye
  •       Ralph Emery
  •       Johnny Russell
  •       Martha Carson
  •       Smiley Wilson
  •       Kitty Wilson
  •       Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith
  •       Jimmy Mulcay
  •       Mildred Mulcay

Director: Ron Ormond

Producer: June Carr

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Cult

Run Time: 87 mins

Release Date: 02/26/08

UPC: 029502196615