Freddie Mercury & Queen - How It All Began (DVD)

Freddie Mercury & Queen - How It All Began (DVD)

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Documentary Film Focusing On Queen's Early Career

Formed in London in 1970, Queen emerged almost fully formed, featuring the classic line-up that remained constant until the tragic death of Freddie Mercury in 1991.

With Brian May on lead guitar, Roger Taylor on drums, and John Deacon on bass, the band were unique in many ways, not least in that all member regularly contributed to the song-writing, the arrangements and the group decisions, making Queen, perhaps, the most democratic rock group ever.
This enticing documentary film focuses on the lead up to and formation of Queen, and continues by exploring the first part of their career in the 1970s, during which they had their biggest hit with one of the most cherished, popular and successful songs of all time, 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.
Featuring rare footage from the time, archive interviews with band members and others who were pivotal to Queen's success, live and studio musical performances, contributions from friends, colleagues and experts, plus a host of other features, all of which make for the finest film yet on this period of Freddie Mercury and Queen's extraordinary career.

Additional Details

Label: Smokin'

Genre: Pop/Rock

Language: English

Run Time: 103 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/07/19

UPC: 823564549392