Forgotten Noir Double Feature Vol 4 (DVD)

Forgotten Noir Double Feature Vol 4 (DVD)

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George Raft stars in the top of this double bill.

THE MAN FROM CAIRO - A $100 million gold cache, hidden in the North African desert during World War II, is at the center of the crime mystery plot. George Raft, mistaken for an American detective working for French Intelligence, is drawn into the hunt for the missing gold--and quickly finds himself a suspect in the strangulation murder of beautiful Irene Papas. MASK OF THE DRAGON - An American soldier in Korea (Richard Emory) agrees to deliver a porcelain dragon to a curio shop in L.A.'s Chinatown--but soon after his return to the States, he is murdered. Determined to solve the crime, his private-detective buddy Richard Travis and Travis' girl Sheila Ryan look into the possibility of a smuggling ring and the mystery of the dragon.

Bonus Materials

  • GEORGE RAFT BIOGRAPHY by Stone Wallace
  • Photo and Advertising Gallery


Cast & Crew

  •       THE MAN FROM CAIRO: George Raft
  •       Gianna Maria Canale
  •       Leon Lenoir
  •       Alfredo Varelli MASK OF THE DRAGON: Richard Travis
  •       Sheila Ryan
  •       Sid Melton
  •       Michael Whalen
  •       Lyle Talbot Charles Iwamoto

Director: THE MAN FROM CAIRO: Ray Enright MASK OF THE DRAGON: Sam Newfield

Additional Details

Label: Kit Parker Films

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 137 mins

Release Date: 04/24/07

UPC: 089859055522