Flesh Of My Flesh (DVD)

Flesh Of My Flesh (DVD)

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The future of human evolution is the end of human evolution!

High concept meets low budget in this psychotropic zombie thriller set at the tail end of humanity's Last Great War of Existence. A mission sent to recover survivors goes south when they discover that the throngs of undead aren't wandering mindless things, but crafty pack hunters who have their own agenda. They find a hidden group of survivors, but the news is even worse than they imagined. With only hours to escape before a final obliterating carpet strike, they make a break for it before all is lost. This signed and numbered LIMITED COLLECTORS EDITION contains a 40-minute 'making of' featurette, Official Zombie Hunter ID card, Bonus card for 'Hacked Off' card game, 4 bonus short movies: 'Animo Korvoj', 'Come to Us', 'Blood', and 'Con of the Dead', Commentary track, Music-only track, Theaterical teasers and trailers

Bonus Materials

  • 40-minute 'making of' featurette
  • Official Zombie Hunter ID card
  • Bonus card for 'Hacked Off' card game
  • Commentary track, Music-only track
  • Theaterical teasers and trailers


Cast & Crew

  •       Ron Richardson
  •       Matthew Martin
  •       Heather Rose Pearson

Director: Edward Martin III

Producer: Travis Huntington

Additional Details

Label: Cheezy Movies

Genre: Horror

Language: English

Run Time: 93 mins

Region: 1

Release Date: 10/17/17

UPC: 737885603391