Ferahfeza (DVD)

Ferahfeza (DVD)

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Dreams are the sturdiest vessels for twenty-somethings Ali and Eda, landlocked in the shipyards of Istanbul.

Ali spends his time in shipyards, working alongside his father in Istanbul; they don't get along well. At every chance, he drifts towards thoughts of signs that will guide him to a happier life. One night, Ali climbs up a billboard scaffold, and sees a half-finished graffiti mural of a ship on the side of an abandoned building. Upon meeting its creator, Eda, he is certain she will accompany him to faraway lands... if only a shared destiny can lead them to a ship called 'Vamos' that repeatedly appears in Ali's dreams and visions.


Bonus Materials

  • Trailer, Short film 'Man to Be' by director Elif Refiğ


Cast & Crew

  •       Ugur Uzunel
  •       M. Sitare Akbas
  •       Mert Asutay

Director: Elif Refiğ

Producer: Elif Refiğ

Producer: Mehmet Betil

Additional Details

Label: IndiePix Films

Genre: Drama

Language: Turkish

Run Time: 97 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 02/12/19

UPC: 845637002832