Euro-trash Double Feature (DVD)

Euro-trash Double Feature (DVD)

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Edgar Wallace Krimi-style crime thriller, and an action thriller about deserting Foreign Legionaires

The Nylon Noose - Stockbrokers get necks broken in an Edgar Wallace Krimi-style crime thriller complete with old-dark-house setting, fiendish serial killer and intrepid Scotland Yard sleuth. A shadow-strewn mansion is the backdrop for macabre melodrama with blackmail leading to murder, plus a hulking man-monster haunts the dank caves below the house! Escape from Sahara - It's a nightmare at 20,000 feet when three French Foreign Legion paratroopers decide to desert, and force their plane's pilot to take them to Spain. There are run-ins with military patrols, a trip on a merchant ship--and romance--until the deserters find themselves in the country they fear more than any other--France!


Cast & Crew

  •       Nylon Noose: Richard Goodman
  •       Olga Summerfield
  •       Ernest Shroeder
  •       George Knuth
  •       Laya Racki | Escape From Sahara: Hildegard Neff
  •       Hans Messmer
  •       Bernhard Vicki
  •       Helmut Schmitt
  •       Jack Hansen

Director: Rolf Gruber aka Rudolf Zehetgruber

Director: Wolfgang Staudte

Additional Details

Label: Kit Parker Films

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Language: English

Run Time: 171 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 03/31/15

UPC: 089859065026