Emergency Landing (DVD)

Emergency Landing (DVD)

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Daredevil Test Pilot vs. Society's Dizziest Deb!

Because of a back-log of war orders, the Lambert Airplane factory is unable to try-out the robot-controlled plane developed by test pilot Jerry Barton and weather bureau observer, 'Doc' Williams. The pair lie in wait for factory owner George B. Lambert while he is playing golf with his spoiled debutant daughter, Betty, and send up their radio-controlled model where Lambert cannot fail to notice it. But Jerry sets the model down in a pool of water and douses Betty. Lambert authorizes Jerry and Doc to test their remote-controlled robot pilot on one of his planes for the Army. Jerry flies the plane up, bails out and Doc is to land the plane using his remote control box. But foreign agents, wishing to hamper the development of the robot pilot, have tampered with the controls, and Doc is unable to pull the plane out of a spin, and it crashes.


Cast & Crew

  •       Forrest Tucker
  •       Carol Hughes
  •       Evelyn Brent
  •       Emmett Vogan

Director: William Beaudine

Producer: Jed Buell

Additional Details

Label: Cheezy Movies

Genre: Action/Adventure

Language: English

Run Time: 64 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/14/16

UPC: 827421032881