El Rebozo De Soledad (1952, Aka Soledad's Shawl) (Blu-ray)

El Rebozo De Soledad (1952, Aka Soledad's Shawl) (Blu-ray)

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A doctor in a troubled, rural community falls in love with a peasant woman who is seeking help for her brother.

Though a successful and highly respected physician in his humble rural community, Dr. Alberto Robles, still battles with anguish over not fulfilling any of the personal dreams he'd had before medical school and beginning his practice. Also, his idealistic and enterprising attitudes concerning medicine earned him some enemies. Along with this, there is a long going battle with local Chief, David Acosta, over unfair dealings with landowners.
When a peasant woman named Soledad goes to him seeking help for her brother, Dr. Robles, is hesitant at first but relents and ends up saving the boy. At some point, Dr. Robles falls in love with Soledad, who out of gratitude has offered to help in his office.
Ultimately, the ongoing battle, riddled with all the tensions, prejudices, and the feuds over land in the impoverished rural community, leads to tragedy.



Cast & Crew

  •       Arturo de Córdova
  •       Pedro Armendáriz
  •       Estela Inda
  •       Domingo Soler
  •       Carlos López Moctezuma
  •       Jaime Fernández
  •        Gilberto González
  •       Rogelio Fernández
  •       José Baviera
  •       Francisco Jambrina
  •       José María Linares-Rivas

Director: Roberto Gavaldón

Additional Details

Label: VCI Entertainment

Genre: Drama

Language: Spanish

Run Time: 108 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 07/23/24

UPC: 089859920929