Drive To Win (DVD)

Drive To Win (DVD)

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Do you want to learn how to drive to win?

Do you want to learn how to drive to win? Technology may have changed the face of racing in recent years but the basic skills it takes to be a top driver remained unchanged since the first day of motor racing.

This classic film follows the progress of nine students under Gilbert Pednault at the Jim Russell Racing Driving School in Canada.

Gilbert makes short work of their faults and expounds on the virtues needed to master their vehicles in search of ever more speed and control.

Key techniques such as picking racing lines, threshold braking, managing understeer and oversteer and effective gear shifting are explained clearly and precisely.

It's not just the physical skills that the students pick-up as Pednault tries to impart the mental attributes they'll need if they want to be winners.

Featuring over forty minutes of in-car action, including a complete Formula Ford race, this film really stands the test of time as an instructional aid.

Indeed the Washington Post's assessment that 'Drive to Win is easily the finest instructional [film] ever produced on the essentials of fast, safe driving' is as true today as it was three decades ago.

The icing on the cake is a fascinating interview with Formula One and Indy 500 legend Mario Andretti, who reveals some of his most important tips on how to drive fast, safely.

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Label: Duke Marketing

Genre: Sports/Games

Language: English

Run Time: 122 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 08/12/14

UPC: 5017559122324