Donal Macintyre: World's Toughest Towns (season One Volume One) (DVD)

Donal Macintyre: World's Toughest Towns (season One Volume One) (DVD)

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You never know what secrets a city may be hiding...

'Donal MacIntyre goes on a journey around the world to discover the real and often unknown sides of certain iconic cities. Season One, Volume One contains the following cities:

Prague: Prague is an elegant and cultured city, but it's also a place where sex is for sale and women here are forced to work as prostitutes by traffickers. It's a town where even cab drivers carry guns and gangsters fiercely protect their trade.

Paris: Donal is in a city on the edge, somewhere a conflict can occur without warning. A place where violent crime is nearly three times the national average and where anyone can get caught in the mayhem.

Odessa: Odessa is a friendly town with a thriving nightlife that celebrates diversity. But beneath the surface, there's a culture of fear and intimidation.

Dublin: Donal is in a town gripped by a local gang war, where a billion-year-old drug trade is fueling the rivalry and the authorities are unable to cope.

Istanbul: Donal MacIntyre reveals the Turkish city of Istanbul's role as part of the Balkan Route of the European heroin trade.'


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Genre: Travel

Language: English

Run Time: 300 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 10/11/22

UPC: 810071442995