Discarded Volume 3 (DVD)

Discarded Volume 3 (DVD)

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100% recycled crap movies rescued from the junk heap!

In the spirit of reduce, reuse, and recycle but mostly because we really like to save money we raided dumpsters, attics and ash heaps looking for some cool movie reels to slap on DVD and sell to environmentally friendly people. Now you can feel good knowing that the contents of this DVD are made up entirely of 100% recycled films, and we thank you for enriching our bank accounts! This DVD features the following: THESE HAPPY BREEDS - A 1951 British production this 'dogumentary' showcases many breeds of dogs with their physical characteristics and aptitudes. ME - Once upon a time when geese where swine and turkeys chawed tabaccie...way, way off in the land of 'where am I now?' there was a fine little boy named me. No, we aren't drunk but the people who scripted this movie must have been as that is actual dialogue from this masterpiece. Produced by Centron Corporation, an industrial and educational film company who have now developed something of a cult following. The premise of the film is that our hero, a little boy named John feels like an outcast because older boys won't play with him. He tries to blend in but the real moral is that everybody has their own identity and should never try to be someone else just to please others. While the moral of the story may be good it is told with really scary puppets, strange costumes and wooden acting. It is quite possibly the most disturbing piece of cinema we have ever seen. Even more hideous is the print we found is full of scratches, blotches, crackles and blemishes...which somehow adds to the 'charm' of this bizarre movie. THE MAGICIAN - Polish director Tadeusz Makarczynski brings us this disconcerting allegory about a man who forms an impromptu army of small boys, by posing as a magician at a fair and enticing them nearer.


Cast & Crew

  •       Various nobodies

Director: Tadeusz Makarczynski

Producer: Various nobodies

Additional Details

Label: Televista

Genre: Cult

Run Time: 61 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/18/13

UPC: 029502783037