Detroit Techno: Never Stop/The Cycle Of The Mental Machine (2 Films) (DVD)

Detroit Techno: Never Stop/The Cycle Of The Mental Machine (2 Films) (DVD)

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The 2 seminal and must-have documentary films on the history of Techno music deeply rooted in Detroit. Classics !

NEVER STOP A Music That Resists - 2016, 76', stereo / Feat. the pioneers of techno music Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Carl Craig and Jeff Mills, NEVER STOP takes us into the fascinating universe of techno labels in Detroit. This film highlights the deep roots of the creation, more than thirty years ago, by each of the African-American pioneers of techno music, of their own record labels. It also tells and shows us how each of these artists bypassed the crisis of the record business, even though this powerful movement paradoxically emerged in Detroit.
THE CYCLES OF THE MENTAL MACHINE 2006, 56', stereo : chronicles the musical legacy of Detroit, Michigan's ravaged Motorcity where the great tradition of blues, gospel, jazz and Motown R&B has never died. It also tells the destiny of the young techno artists whose musical counterculture rose from the rubble to conquer the world. Guiding us through these 'cycles' is the voice of the Electrifying Mojo, legendary DJ, poet of The Mental Machine and spiritual mentor of techno. Creative energy infused with unflagging hope keeps The Cycles of the Mental Machine on a constant spin. Featuring original artists/ DJ's & pioneers MOJO, MAD MIKE, CARL CRAIG.


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Cast & Crew

  •       The Electrifying Mojo
  •       Juan Atkins
  •       Derrick May
  •       Carl Craig
  •       Jeff Mills

Director: Jacqueline CAUX


Additional Details

Label: La Huit

Genre: Electronic/DJ/Scratch

Language: English

Run Time: 132 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/08/18

UPC: 3760123579520