David Bowie - The Berlin Briefings (DVD)

David Bowie - The Berlin Briefings (DVD)

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Bowie & others discuss and decipher his strange but fascinating, 'Berlin era'

David Bowie had never intended to spend the best part of 24 months living in what was then still the divided city of Berlin. Indeed for many years he moved from location to location without having much of a base at all. But in the late 1970s he ended up in the former (and indeed future) German capital and it probably had more impact on the music he produced than any other neighbourhood he ever called home.

With the influence of bands like Kraftwerk and Neu, the impact and guidance of co-composer and instrumentalist Brian Eno, and the gritty street life of the decadent city, all providing ambience and background, he made arguably the finest albums of his career, recording, as he did, just 500 yards from the later-demolished Berlin Wall.

This film contains numerous interviews with Bowie and with others such as co-producer Tony Visconti, which focus on this strange but fascinating period of David Bowie's life and provide some understanding of and context for the radical departure he made from his previous chameleon-like incarnations, to being 'simply Bowie'.

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Label: I.V. Media

Genre: Pop/Rock

Language: English

Run Time: 87 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 06/10/16

UPC: 823564545295