Dashama Konah Gordon - 30DYC: 30 Day Yoga Challenge With Dashama Disc 9 (DVD)

Dashama Konah Gordon - 30DYC: 30 Day Yoga Challenge With Dashama Disc 9 (DVD)

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Yoga to help you release negative energy, for power, strength and discipline

Planking is a powerful practice to strengthen the body, specifically the core, shoulders and upper body. In this practice you will integrate all variations of the plank in a fun and challenging Vinyasa yoga practice. Open to all levels. It is intended to be challenging. If it feels too much for you, give yourself breaks until you've built up your endurance. Always listen to your body and stay connected to your breath. Fire is the element of transformation and also the element of the third chakra, your power center. With this powerful practice we combine fire breath with power vinyasa practice to create heat in the body and to burn away all toxic thoughts and emotions, illuminating the radiance and the inner light within you. This practice is open to all levels, yet it is a challenging practice. If you're new to yoga, you may wish to observe first and practice along with us when you're ready. Always remember to listen to your body, drink plenty of water and stay connected to your breath. You are powerful beyond measure! Get ready to access a greater sense of self-empowerment with this fire yoga practice.



Cast & Crew

  •       Dashama

Director: Dashama

Producer: Tiny Sandhu

Producer: Dashama Konah

Additional Details

Label: Perfect 10 Lifestyle

Genre: Health/Fitness

Language: English

Run Time: 48 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 09/13/16

UPC: 885007611554