Dashama Konah Gordon - 30DYC: 30 Day Yoga Challenge With Dashama Disc 6 (DVD)

Dashama Konah Gordon - 30DYC: 30 Day Yoga Challenge With Dashama Disc 6 (DVD)

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Yoga to help improve mood and energy, strengthen, tone and stretch, know yourself more deeply

The heart center's primary purpose is to feel, give, and receive the energy of love, compassion and empathy. In this powerful practice we will open the heart, including upper back, shoulders and neck, as well as directing the breath into the heart center, expanding the lungs and heart to release any blocked energy from the center. Doing this, you are creating receptivity, generosity, kindness and self-love. The eyes closed vinyasa practice helps to cultivate intuition, that deep sense of knowing that comes to you and your mind in the form of an inner voice guiding you in your life. When we close our eyes, we shut off one of our major senses and awaken and heighten the other senses dramatically. This practice strengthens the third eye (pineal gland) and allows you to see with inner vision. Chi/Qi is the energy, similar to prana, that lives throughout your body and is connected to all living things in the universe. Qi Flow vinyasa practice helps you connect to life force energy and to harness it, drawing it into your body and then storing it up for later. We call this Qi or Chi 'packing'. In this 'all levels' sequence you will learn the fundamentals of Qi Flow, combining Qi Gong and Vinyasa flow yoga in an easy to follow format. Remember to listen to your body and stay connected to your breath. Qi practice works with second chakra energy of emotions and the water element. This practice will leave you feeling peaceful, open, balanced and at harmony with the universe.



Cast & Crew

  •       Dashama

Director: Dashama

Producer: Tiny Sandhu

Producer: Dashama Konah

Additional Details

Label: Perfect 10 Lifestyle

Genre: Health/Fitness

Language: English

Run Time: 57 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 09/13/16

UPC: 885007608516