Conspiracy Machine (DVD)

Conspiracy Machine (DVD)

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Documentary exploring the proliferation of conspiracy theories

Over recent decades the proliferation of conspiracy theories has fueled alternative explanations and false narratives for events and circumstances, influencing minds around the globe. While some turn out to be true, others turn out to be driven by an agenda created for monetary or political gain. Who really killed JFK? Is Covid-19 a Chinese bioweapon? Was Princess Diana murdered? Were the Moon landings hoaxed? Were the 911 attacks an inside plot by government factions? Conspiracy Machine examines the validity of these theories and explores the human condition as it relates to the psychological and social aspects of this cultural phenomenon.


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Additional Details

Label: Reality Entertainmen

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

Run Time: 70 mins

Region: 0

Release Date: 11/08/22

UPC: 760137110620